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Harmonising Reporting: Case study report

It is too early to judge the overall success of Harmonising Reporting since changes to reporting guidance and practice will take time to implement.  But we wanted to find out if we are heading in the right direction.  We wanted to showcase positive examples as an encouragement to all funders and funded organisations.

The Harmonising Reporting implementation: Case study report provides examples of how Harmonising Reporting has worked so far.  The report uses four case studies to illustrate how funders have adopted good practice and the positive difference this has made. We also show shorter examples of positive improvements provided by other funders.

Funder and funded organisations agree that Harmonising Reporting is helping them make reporting more useful and less burdensome.  They can point to improved communications, better guidance and greater clarity all of which leads to a better reporting relationship all around.

There is a lot more to do – not least to raise the profile of Harmonising Reporting itself.  At the end of this document we highlight areas where more work is needed to make reporting more useful and less burdensome.

At ESS we are always on the look out for examples of good reporting practice.  If you would like to become one of our good practice case studies, please contact us.  We'd love to hear about your experience!

A positive example is "Hearty Lives Renfrewshire" from Active Communities which can be read here.

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