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Train the Trainer in Evaluation

"Training the Trainer in Evaluation" is the ESS approach to strengthening the evaluation capacity across the third sector.

In the past we have run successful programmes with the Alliance and Voluntary Action Scotland to support Third Sector Interfaces to deliver evaluation skills training. Get a flavour of this work by reading Sara Redmond's blog about The Alliance's experiences and read the lessons learned from this work as well as the difference made in this report.

"I really enjoyed the day and it was great getting to know everyone as we will be working together on this.  It was a good idea to discuss and share ideas on evaluation and I am really looking forward to participating in the rest of the programme".  Sharon Bissett of Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire

After evaluating the first two programmes we found that:

  • Participants increased their understanding of evaluation and training and have a much greater ability to support others.
  • They cascaded their learning to small, community organisations that ESS would not otherwise have reached.
  • They used the materials and thinking from ESS in a wide variety of ways from delivering whole workshops to creating smaller, more flexible interventions.
  • The learning also affects participants and organisations in more subtle ways including language use, work focus and contributing to an “evidence culture”.

We are currently reviewing what future Train the Trainer programmes might look like.  Please get in touch if you are interested in exploring this.

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