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Principles for Positive Partnership

Principles for Positive Partnerships

Principles for Positive Partnership gives guidance on relationships between Scottish Government and third sector grantholders. Download your copy here

The publication was launched at an event on 23 January 2020. Read the event report here

David Reilly from Scottish Community Development Centre shares his thoughts about Prinicples for Positive Partnership in a blog. Read it here.

How the document came about 

An experienced group of third sector grantholders and Scottish Government grant managers drafted Principles for Positive Partnership to meet an identified need for practical guidance to help Scottish Government grantholders and grant managers achieve positive funding relationships in the first place and, if problems arise, tackle them productively. We invited feedback on the draft guidance in 2019. and then reflected and revised the guidance before publishing in Janaury 2020.

If you have any comments about this work please email

Principles for Positive Partnership is part of a broader programme of work. Third Sector Unit (TSU) and ESS are working together to implement Ministerial commitments to improve third sector funding. 

ESS has worked with a few Scottish Government (SG) departments and their funded organisations and we have undertaken a small enquiry to find out the funding experiences of third sector organisations. We run training for SG officials on grant management and reporting.

We have identified “Three Ps” that make for successful SG Funding.

  • Purpose of funding: be clear about the outcomes the grant is contributing to and the gap the third sector is filling. Set measurable outcomes for the third sector grantholder to measure and report on.
  • Processes: keep the paperwork simple, follow Harmonising Reporting and ask funded organisations to measure what’s within their control
  • People: good funding is about good relationships. When things go wrong it’s often about relationships. 

The recognition of the importance of the “people” side of successful funding led us to establish the Positive Partnership working group.

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