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Third Sector Research Forum past events

A key TSRF aim is to maximise the impact of third sector research and evidence through knowledge exchange and networking.  The forum hosts regular events and conferences that bring together third sector practitioners and academic researchers to share knowledge and explore research collaboration.

Past events 

Conference October 9th 2019 - Collaborating for Impact

Collaborating for Impact conference programme is here

The conference was introduced by a panel comprising of a peer researcher, funder, academic, Scottish Government and third sector representative talking about what research impact means from their perspective. 

Third Sector Research #conference 2019 - Collaborating for impact - Panel talks about what is impact? from Evaluation Support Scotland on Vimeo.

Transcripts for each speaker may also be downloaded through these links: Kerrie Friel, Cassy Rutherford, Jane Cullingworth, Harriet Waugh, Lucy Mulvagh.

During the plenary session the panel gave their impressions of the conference:

Third Sector Research Forum conference 2019 - Collaborating for impact - Panel members' impressions of the conference from Evaluation Support Scotland on Vimeo.

The transcript for this panel discussion can be downloaded here.

The conference aimed to support cross-sector networking and knowledge exchange by

  • exploring the impact of research collaboration between the third sector and universities
  • providing an opportunity for third sector, academic and other interested parties (such as public sector and funders) to engage together in learning  about collaborative research and its impact 

Conference included:

  • Workshops and other activities led by third sector organisations and academic partners 
  • Cross-sector panel discussion on impact and third sector research evidence
  • Stalls with information and resources.  These will include the latest Third Sector Research Forum guidance paper ‘Funding for Third Sector Research’ and a new resource from the Knowledge Translation Network, ‘Community Involvement in Evidence'. 

For those who attended the conference and didn't get the chance to give feedback on the day please feel free to complete the form and return to 

Conference report coming soon.

Researching Together conference 2018

Let's Collaborate 2018: Researching Together                                                            

Researching Together logoFunded by the Scottish Government Third Sector Research Forum 4th 'Let's collaborate' event, Researching Together, took place on 1 February 2018 . 

The programme offered a variety of sessions about the benefits and challenges of collaborative research. For more details about the interactive session see session descriptions.

To get a flavour of Researching Together and to see tweets from participants read this storify presentation.

Read the Conference report 

Slides, handouts and roundtable notes from interactive sessions

Dr Jim Elder-Woodward, OBE, Chair Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living and Professor Kirstein Rummery Coproducing research with disabled people: Disability research into independent living and learning - Dr Jim Elder-Woodward OBE Chair, Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living (DRILL research) and Dr Elaine Douglas -  slides here and handout here





Martin McKee, Social Lab, Gillian Kirkwood, and Lyndsey Coleman, Y-Sort it ServiceThe Research for Change programme - Martin McKee, Social Lab - slides here.






Professor Chik Collins

The University of West of Scotland-Oxfam Partnership: Reflections on some experience of collaborative research and advocacy - Professor Chik Collins, University of West Scotland - slides here.




Andrew Patterson, Scottish Community Development Centre

Research by the community: what can we learn from community-led action research? Facilitated by Andrew Patterson, Scottish Community







Let's Collaborate 2016: See the programme here.  To get a flavour of the day see the event report; our Storify, and blog.

Let's Collaborate 2015: The programme for the day involved short presentations, thematic roundtable discussions and three breakout sessions. To get a flavour of the day and see what participants had to say read Jane Marryat's report.

Let's Collaborate 2014: Read the report from the event to find out what happened and what was discussed!

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