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Life Changes Trust Evaluation Toolkit (2016)

Last Updated: Friday 25 October 2019

The Life Changes Trust Toolkit is a website with lots of information and evaluation resources. The material provided is organised around a number of main themes:

  • What is evidence: Some basic ideas about what counts as evidence and how active use of evidence supports learning.
  • Planning Activities and Outcomes: Ways to understand relevant theories of change for your activities, the signs of success, and how effective planning can act as a basis for ongoing self-evaluation and improvement.
  • Evaluation Design: Important questions and practical considerations when embarking on evaluation, including who should be involved and in what ways.
  • Methods: A guide to different types of methods to use when evaluating your activities.
  • Sharing the Learning: Ways to communicate your evidence as widely and as usefully as possible and, how to transform this new knowledge into early action and ongoing improvement.


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