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Evaluation methods and tools

Available Resources

Appreciative questions

Asking two simple questions can give you feedback about what works for people and how to make it even better.

Big Picture Route Map

This cartoon map has different vehicles, routes and characters. This visual tool can help participants reflect on their current situation or experience of an event and to help start discussions on what the next step for them might be. The map we have used to evaluate training sessions is from ...

Body map

Body maps can be used as a creative way of evaluating your project.

Capturing casual moments

When staff or volunteers want to record comments in non-formal circumstances. This method is a simple means for writing down service users’ actual words.

Change Record Template

This tool has been designed to record changes you make to how you run your project as you go along.

Choosing pictures

This can be used with a group or as a one to one activity. People are invited to pick a card in response to a specific question or idea.

Creative writing

Creative or expressive writing isn’t for everyone but it can be very powerful both as an activity and as an evaluation tool.

Embedding evaluation diagnostic tool - Making it stick

The embedding evaluation wheel is a diagnostic tool to help you assess the progress of embedding evaluation into your organisation.

Emotional touchpoints

Emotional touchpoints are used to identify key points in people’s experiences of services. It is then used to prompt feedback or stories from service users. It can also act as a framework for collecting stories.

Evaluation Declaration Health Check Tool

The 'Evaluation Declaration' health check tool helps funders think about the way they undertake monitoring and evaluation and their relationships with funded organisations. The Evaluation Declaration health check tool and the guidance for this tool are free for you to download. The tool and guidance reflects the learning from Harmonising ...

Evaluation Ladder (Drugs and Housing)

This ladder was adapted by Kevin Callaghan from Cyrenians in West Lothian to use with the service users he works with. This is an excellent example of how tools can be adapted to different circumstances and outcomes. This ladder includes a brief description of how to use it and a ...

Evaluation planning template

This template is a simple tool to help you plan your monitoring and evaluation. It makes you set out the indicators appropriately for each outcome and then work out how you are going to gather the information you need.

Evaluation Wheel

Creative and flexible tool to collect information on outcomes in a simple and accessible manner.

Focus group

Facilitated discussion to investigate people’s perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes.

Impact Hub

Inspiring Impact have developed a nationwide Impact Hub containing a wide range of resources relevant to improving impact practice.

Interactive Logic Model Template

This interactive template can be used to create your own logic model for your project or organisation.


One to one discussion to investigate people’s perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes.

Koala Evaluation Tool

The Koala (KnOwledge And Learning evAluation) tool from ImaginationLancaster, University of Lancaster will give you feedback about facilitated workshops and events in a fun way.

Mapping the Journey

This template of a journey helps you to think about the different stages of your project or work and what information you are collecting at each stage in relation to your outcomes.

Measuring Up!

Created by Inspiring Impact, is a step by step self-assessment tool that helps to improve the review of organisations' impact practice


Mentimeter is a free online tool which can be used to gather baseline information and feedback from participants on the day at an event or workshop. The results show as a word cloud immediately. Participants require a smart phone to vote.

miituu - online video channel

miituu is an online video channel that enables organisations to capture, manage and share digital stories via their own secure private channel.


Staff or volunteers observe clients taking part in activities and record information to evidence outcomes.

Outcomes Star

The Outcomes Star™ is a unique tool for supporting and measuring change when working with vulnerable people. It is widely used and has been adapted for different client groups and settings, including homelessness, mental health, employment. It is free to try out on paper. If you decide to implement fully, ...


Paper-based list of questions with space to record answers.


Quirkos is a qualitative analysis software package which has been developed by social researchers to allow researchers to visually analyse qualitative text data and present them statistically.

Relationship Map

Relationship maps are a way of understanding friendship networks and relationships. They could be used to evaluate outcomes such as:(service users) are less isolated OR have wider peer support networks

Reporting Template

This template sets out what most funders are looking for in reports. It is taken from Harmonising Reporting - a document produced by ESS and Scotland Funders' Forum

Self-evaluation health check

Find out how well you are evaluating what you do with this simple assessment tool.

Service use map

Image based tool designed to find out about people’s interaction with their environment or local services.

Social reporting: a primer

A guide to using social media to capture learning and discussion at event.

Sticky wall

A sticky wall is one way to collect qualitative feedback about outcomes from a large group. It can be particularly useful to find out whether you have achieved the planned outcomes at an event.

Stretch or Positive statements

Simple statements which act as prompts for discussion or sharing experiences.

Survey Monkey which is an online survey tool. You can also pay to create more complicated surveys and to access the tools to analyse the results (otherwise you have to analyse by hand).

Tactile feedback

This method uses textures to represent how someone feels about one or more topics.

The Blob Tree

The Blob Tree developed by Ian Long and Pip Wilson can be used as an evaluation tool. It has been developed particularly for schools, hospitals, youth workers, psychologists, carers, counsellors and anyone working with people. It can be used in many different settings. It is copyrighted and you need to ...

The Evaluation Game

This fun board game designed by Leapfrogtools to get feedback in a playful way.

The Rickter Scale®

The Rickter Scale® is a flexible, multi-sensory assessment process, designed specifically to measure soft outcomes and distance travelled.

Weaver's Triangle

This tool can help you to clarify the impact you want to make and separate your aims, outcomes and activities. Download this word document to create your own Weaver's Triangle. See 'Evaluation Support Guide 1' for guidance on how this tool is used. This planning and evaluation tool is adapted ...


Wordle creates “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater weight to words that appear more frequently in your text. The images you create with Wordle are yours to use however you like. They can help you to think about the most important issues that come up ...