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Using External Consultants

Using Consultants

Using consultants can be helpful, but only if you know what you want them to do. This section will help you to:

Find a consultant

Evaluation Support Scotland is not able to do an evaluation for you.  But you can use our consultants database to find consultants who can do external evaluations.  We do NOT endorse or provide our own judgement on consultants or verify what they say about themselves.

Register as a consultant

If you are a consultant providing evaluation services, you can register to be added to our Consultants Database. 

If you are already in our Consultants Database and would like to update your details, you can sign in

Getting the Best from External Evaluation Guide 

Our support guide here has simple guidance on how to commission and manage external evaluations. And Getting the best from external evaluation Principles for Funders is here.

We can also provide tailored support to help you plan and commission an external evaluation.