Body map

Body maps can be used as a creative way of evaluating your project.

Capturing casual moments

This method is a simple means for writing down service users’ actual words when staff or volunteers want to record comments in non-formal circumstances.

Evaluating in a time of change – webinar

This practical peer learning webinar is specifically targeted to third sector organisations or teams who are continuing to deliver during the Covid-19 pandemic and are facing change or challenges to their evaluation.

Evaluation Matters to Home Link

In this short video case study, Paula Swanston from Home Link Family Support in Edinburgh explains how they did just that. We interviewed Paula a few months after a colleague

Self-evaluation health check

Using this simple assessment tool will help you discover how well you are evaluating your project, work or services. It uses the evaluation pathway to help you identify your areas of strength and the weaker spots.

Taking stock in a time of change

In a time of rapid change, we have to respond more quickly and learn as we go, changing and adapting our services or approach as needed. It’s helpful to capture key evidence, learning and actions periodically.